The year 2010 has been full of events for the ACPN. A series of meetings were held which resulted in the new amendment of the existing constitution, organization of the 7thCongress of ACPN in March 2011 and the historic event of publishing our official journal.

The way we practice pathology is changing rapidly.  It is worth remembering that our most important aim is to provide quality health services for the patients.  We provide a basis for diagnosis of diseases.  We research, analyze and interpret data that is conveyed to our clinicians in a clear and concise manner.  We need to improve how we do things, develop new tools and be the innovative leaders in health care.

The Journal of Pathology of Nepal (JPN) was conceived in order to update each other in our routine practices. We strongly believe that it is important to share our research, interesting cases and clinical morphological profiles of diseases amongst us.  The JPN will be the main medium in which we can document or convey our findings.  This will help the practicing pathologists to keep up with all the changes or new technologies that are occurring worldwide.

This is a historic beginning for us. We hope to continue this for many years and eventually get our journal indexed. This will only be possible with your contributions.

We hope to get continuous support from all our members in the future.

The Editorial board, Journal of Pathology of Nepal